Friday, August 22, 2003

Just where do stupid people come from?

If you'd like to know, just ask your local librarian. We'll be so glad to tell you. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that all people are stupid, just that everyone can be stupid at times.

Like just a minute ago, I picked up the phone, said the little message we always have to say when answering the phone "Huntsville Public Library", Reference, This is "blank" and what do I hear? "Oh, I was just making sure my speed-dial was set."


I mean, I love the library and all, but not so much that I would put the Reference Department number on speed-dial. That's too much.

I sometimes have to wonder, where exactly do stupid people come from?

I can't imagine two loving caring people sitting around and deciding "hey, let's create a stupid child".

Imagine that conversation:
"What kind of children would you like to have?"
"The dumbest children possible."
"Oh, darling! I'm so glad we both agree on this!"

Needless to say, the world would be a lot better if there were less dumb people.

But, hey... that's just what I think.

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