Friday, October 24, 2003

I ran into an old boyfriend the other day. We had broken up years ago and in the back of my mind,I always wanted him to forever carry a torch for me.He works at Wal-Mart.

Anyway, we had a light conversation in which he told me that he wished he had married me instead of his wife.

Why do people say things like that? Why do people sometimes speak before they think?

I mean, he was a nice guy and all, but he was crazy.
I know what you're thinking,"everybody's crazy". No, I mean certifiable crazy. We'd be out together, walking in the park and having a romantic moment and then, he'd start quacking.

You read right...quacking. Like a big, six foot three duck.Needless to say, it was so not the best of times.

I don't know.I mean, I did want him to still want to be with me, pine over me, stalk me, whatever, but when I found it to be true, I was kind of confused.

I mean why do you say things like that-what's the point? Do you hope that things will go back as they were? Surely you don't expect all the years to disappear as well as your wife;that's just wrong.

When I met T., he was 21, I was 19. He worked two jobs, one at Wal-Mart,the other at the mall as a janitor.I was working at the hospital as a hospitality hostess(fancy word for dinner tray passer).He was nice but he was crazy.

End of topic.

Maybe I should just let it go. Yeah, definitely gonna let that go.

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