Monday, November 3, 2003

Is a bachelor degree the new high school diploma?

I read in the newspaper yesterday that the economy is so weak that many college graduates are having to move back home with their parents and work for minimum wage. As you could imagine, this made me feel a lot better knowing that I'm not the only twenty something living at home with my mom.

So, I started thinking about how odd it is that just a few years ago, people who graduated with a bachelor's degree were seen as a rare breed and were paid accordingly.

Oh how the times have changed.

Not that I'm complaining about my life or anything.All I'm saying is that it sucks that I've spent four years of my life working to obtain a degree for the sole purpose of getting a good paying job and at the end of the day,I'm working at a job which barely pays my bills.I guess that worst thing about it is that people expect you to be happy where you are...they want to make you happy about the job you're doing.

I always imagined that when I finished college, I'd have a job waiting for me and that I would be able to support myself and enjoy life as an adult. Unfortunatley, life had other plans in mind.

I find myself at twenty-four years old living at home, chipping in to help pay bills, and working at the same place for the last five years except in a different position and with a few more dollars.

It seems surreal to me when exactly having a bachelor degree was no longer enough to secure a job for yourself.The strangest thing in the world to me is the fact that most jobs are wanting applicants with at least a bachelor's degree as well as experience or maybe even a person with a master's degree.

I wonder when everyone decided to raise the bar by getting a bachelor's degree which messed it up for everyone else who now have to work that much harder to fight for the already small amount of jobs that are out there.

To all the twenty something middle class poor, I hope that things get better for us instead of getting worse.

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