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Hitting it big in Tunica ! (or leaving a me and coming back a we)

I'm happy to report that Den finally popped the question on Thursday night. Guess this makes me an engaged woman now! Yipee!!!! I know, I know, you want all the gritty details don't you? Well,since we are frineds and all, I'll be nice and give you the low down.

We went to Tunica this past weekend (we like playing the slots) and we were having the best time possible. That Thursday night, we had went to dinner and then we came back to the hotel room. I went to the bathroom and when I came out, there was a bowl of fruit and a bottle of champange on the table. Den asked me to feed him and I'm like, "what do you want me to feed you for?" He's all "Shut up,I'm trying to be romantic."

I know,real mushy,right?

Anyway, then we're laying on the bed and I'm feeding him grapes and stuff and the he asks me to give him some strawberries and while I'm looking for them, he manages to roll off the bed and get down on one knee.He then proceeds t…