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Losing my religion?

Next month, I am planning to take a trip with my fiance' to the Soquel Camp Meeting in California. I chose to go with him because it seems like it would be very interesting. My mother on the other hand,is somewhat confused by me going on the trip.

I told her that after D. and I tie the knot, I plan on converting to the adventist religion. When I told mom this, she look like I had just slapped her in the face. Then came all the questions and the guilt trips. She doesn't understand why I would make such a decision in order to please den and why would I stop eating meat to make him happy?

She doesn't get that this isn't even about D. Nope, it's about me finding my our niche in the religious world. I love the church I go to, but the fact of the matter is that I've been going there for so long, I don't know anywhere else to be. Also, I feel that it's wrong to only go to a church or be a member of a certain religion because that's what your mother or gr…