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Do as I say,not as I do

Recently, there has been what I can only decribe as a outbreak of people saying that they've been called to preach.Before I go any further, I'll explain the process that comes with those expressing a desire to preach in the primitive baptist church.

When someone says this, there is a whole process that they have to go through before they can step up into the pulpit. In the primitive baptist religion,after saying you've been called, the person (usually a guy;they don't traditionally support women preachers)has to preach a sermon in front of the church body. Following this, they have to go in front of a group call the prespretery in which he again preaches a sermon in front of preachers , deacons, and whoever else are there. Within this sermon, he has do take about about Jesus' death, burial and ressurection. If he does this and the group is pleased,he'll be ordained. If he forgets something like talking about Jesus dying but doesn't talk about his coming ba…