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"Life" after Katrina

Let me start out this entry by saying that I am sorry to everyone whose lives have been effected by Hurrican Katrina.Now notice if you will that I said everyone not those just in New Orleans or Mississippi or Florida but everybody has been affected in some way or another.
For example, although I don't know anyone in any of those areas, my fiance's brother-in-law's (M.) parents live in New Orleans as well as his sister & her family, and his cousin lived in surrounding areas. Needless to say, when Katrina came, his brother-in-law was very worried about the whereabouts of his family.
After a week or so, M. sister got in contact and said that her and her family made it out and they were now in Houston. M.'s cousin was okay and in Atlanta. While we were all glad to hear they were okay, no one had heard anything from M.'s parents.I was really worried about them especially after the photos that are being played daily on TV, I told D. I had a bad feeling they were de…

Giving peace a chance-sort of

Yesterday, I went with my mom to at a funeral home to pay my last repsects to the husband of the piano player for my church. It was strange because this was the first time I've even been to a family hour and I didn't really so know what behaviopr was expected from me.Then again, I never know what to say at those sort of situations;I'm always afraid I'm going to say the wrong thing or end up making the grieving person feel worse than they already do.At any rate, I was sitting there with my mom listening to a pastor reminise about "Big Moe" when it hit me: this family really loved this man and he would truly be missed.

As I sat there just pondering this thought, I realized that if my dad died today, I am harboring so much hate in my heart that I wouldn't be sad, I wouldn't cry, hell...I wouldn't probably be glad he's dead."Big Moe", whose name was actually John Moore, was a great guy. He was a man who was devoted to his family and his…

Between an apartment and a hot house

Lately, I seem to be having problems between my family and my fiance'. According to my family, I'm never home and I spend way too much time at D.'s apartment. I have been trying to tell D. that I might as well move in since I am over there all the time anyway but he worries that by doing so, my mom will stop paying for my car insurance.

I love my mom to death but, the real reasons why I don't stay at my house is because:
1.There' s nothing to do
2.We have no heat or air and
3.The "bed" I sleep on is very uncomfortable.

When I say there's nothing to do at my house, I mean that all we do is sit around in separate rooms of the house and watch TV. Since we have three TV's, this means that there are three TV's running at the same time and sometimes, we might actully sit at the table and eat dinner together.
In reference to the lack of heat and air conditioning, this is a problem we've had for years. While I've managed to grin and bear…