Tuesday, September 6, 2005

Between an apartment and a hot house

Lately, I seem to be having problems between my family and my fiance'. According to my family, I'm never home and I spend way too much time at D.'s apartment. I have been trying to tell D. that I might as well move in since I am over there all the time anyway but he worries that by doing so, my mom will stop paying for my car insurance.

I love my mom to death but, the real reasons why I don't stay at my house is because:
1.There' s nothing to do
2.We have no heat or air and
3.The "bed" I sleep on is very uncomfortable.

When I say there's nothing to do at my house, I mean that all we do is sit around in separate rooms of the house and watch TV. Since we have three TV's, this means that there are three TV's running at the same time and sometimes, we might actully sit at the table and eat dinner together.
In reference to the lack of heat and air conditioning, this is a problem we've had for years. While I've managed to grin and bear it, sometimes you'd like to wake up in the morning and not have sheets sticking to your body or not got to bed in the freezing cold.
The last problem with being home is what I sleep on at night. At this time in my life, I at age 26, sleep on a rollaway bed. This is because our house is small. Our house was made for a family or three or maybe four and had at the most fit seven. Can you blame me for wanting to sleep in an actual bed?
I guess at the end of the day, I just love the privacy and the freedom that I feel when I'm at D.'s apartment. I can watch TV, exercise, go online, do whatever I want to do. The only thing is that I don't know what my family expects from me. When I'm not at the house, they complain that I'm not there and when I do come home, they ask me what I'm doing there. There's no winning with these people!

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