Saturday, September 10, 2005

"Life" after Katrina

Let me start out this entry by saying that I am sorry to everyone whose lives have been effected by Hurrican Katrina.Now notice if you will that I said everyone not those just in New Orleans or Mississippi or Florida but everybody has been affected in some way or another.
For example, although I don't know anyone in any of those areas, my fiance's brother-in-law's (M.) parents live in New Orleans as well as his sister & her family, and his cousin lived in surrounding areas. Needless to say, when Katrina came, his brother-in-law was very worried about the whereabouts of his family.
After a week or so, M. sister got in contact and said that her and her family made it out and they were now in Houston. M.'s cousin was okay and in Atlanta. While we were all glad to hear they were okay, no one had heard anything from M.'s parents.I was really worried about them especially after the photos that are being played daily on TV, I told D. I had a bad feeling they were dead.I don't mean to be negative but even though they had a two story house, I was under the impression that they were porbably either stuck in the attic with no way out or they were stranded on the roof needing help. Eventually, they were found safe and sound in their home with a generator and food. They have since been rescued from New Orleans and are now in South Carolina.
The reason why I feel this is important to mention is because sometimes it take a tradgey to make you realize how precious life is.It also makes me feel ashamed for complaining about what I don't have and things not being my way when there are thousands out there now with nothing except for the clothes on their backs. I especailly feel bad for the kids who have lost thier parents and the elderly who lost all of their posessions. I also feel bad for those that were living on next to nothing prior to the flood and now have absolutely nothing.
Since Katrina, we have patrons coming in daily using our computers and trying to get their lives back together. When I see these people, I don't see victims, I see heroes and surviviors. I don't know how I would cope if I was in that situation. I can't even imagine what it is like to lose everything that I hold dear.I don't know what I would do if in one day, my entire life as I knew it was gone. I just don't understand how something of this magnitude could happen.All I know is that it will take a lot of time to heal and rebuild what has been lost but just the fact that there is a possibly to rebuild should serve as a testament to how strong the human spirit can be when faced with a disaster.

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