Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Registration Frustation

I am so frustrated with the registation process for this semester! I was planning on taking LS 500 and LS 507 this semester, but then I (along with everyone else) received and e-mail from the head of the school saying that people who enrolled in the library school in certain years are going to be allowed to register for LS 560 and LS 507. Although I understand the reasoning for this, I am also irritated that while registration offically started on the 29th, most of the class in the school on library science are still closed.

How am I supposed to complete my degree in a timely manner if I'm being blocked from signing up for classes that I need? Granted, I do understand that there are some students who are almost finished and need to get their last class in,but my whole thing is if you say students can register for classes, let students register for classes without giving them more hoops to jump through. I mean it's hard enough to be a graduate student working a full-time and having to occassionally commute without throwing any unneccesary obstacles in the way!

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