Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Just when I think I've found a way out, I get pulled back in

I applied for a job at another library as a library technican at a government library branch about a month ago. True, the library's schedule was weird and it wasn't a full-time job, but at least I was going to get paid what I was worth being that I have nine plus years of library experience behind me and am currently in library school. At any rate, I called to see what was up with the position when I got a hit with a big pimp-hand of reality: although I was more qualified, since I'm not a military spouse (they get first dibs),I might not get the job.

After finishing talking to the branch manager, I tried to rationalize the logic of the situation. Although I have more experience, someone with little or no experience will get a great paying job all because they happened to marry a soldier? While I guess I understand this, it still smells like bullcrap to me. As you can imagine, when I called today to follow up on the job, I was informed that the position was filled. I'm somewhat surprised but not really.

I'll just chalk it up to the job probably not being the right fit for me....yeah, that sounds good. The job wasn't a good fit and the perfect job for me is just around the corner.

Guess I'll keep sticking it out where I am until I either finish library school or a great job comes along.

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