Friday, November 30, 2007

Term Paper, Scherm Paper

Right now, I'm supposed to be working on my ten page term paper for Public Libraries class that is due monday night and yet I am constantly looking for something, anything to keep me from working on it. Why?

Well, I think it's probably because I haven't written a term paper since around 2003 and although my professor is really cool about the whole thing (it's 10 pages long but he's said to make it as long as it needs to be), I still have this nagging fear that he's gonna read it and think it's the worst piece of crap ever written. Granted I have little bit of leeway in that this is an online class that meets one night a week so at least I won't see him be completely dumbfounded when he reads my paper about weeding in public libraries.

Why did I write a paper on weeding in public libraries? Well, to be honest, it was a topic that interested me and I liked when we had to do it at work. As you can tell, I like organization way too much. At any rate, I'm currently (well not right now) writing the paper and so far, I've managed to bang out 7 1/2 pages which isn't really all that bad I guess. Thankfully when it comes to writing papers, at least for me, this is when having a Bachelor's in English comes in handy.

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