Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Ignorant people at the library and future career goals

I am so sick of ignorant people coming to the library and showing their ass when they don't get their way. They always come in packs and we (the library staff) have to constantly tell them to be quiet and to stop gathering at one computer. Most of the time, the problem people do comply but it's usually after we've threatened to kick them off if they don't stop what they're doing. I think what irks me the most is that it's almost always black teenagers that are causing the trouble. I don't understand why people are so angry.

As a young black woman, I feel that working in a library I act as a role model to some people and it just irritates me to see people treating the library with such disrespect by cursing, talking on their cellphones loudly or pretending to fight while in the library.

I am just so tired of having to babysit grown people all day. It's a thankless job and although I'm in library school. I decided a while ago that I definitely didn't want to work at a public library anymore. Right now, I'm leaning more towards working for the federal/governemt sector.

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