Monday, December 17, 2007

New Do or did I ?

It's always funny to me how people react to a new hairstyle. Mainly, people react to a new hairstyle in one of three ways: (1.) They acknowledge the new hairstyle and make positive comments, (2.)They completely ignore the fact you've done anything at all, or (3.)They ignore the hairstyle until someone else comments on it and the add their positive comments. At any rate, I've experience all three of these reactions today which is always surprising to me because I don't think that people really pay that much attention to me.

Over the weekend, I had my hair braided and prior to that, I had my hair permed. I'm not really a fan of perming my hair, it's too much upkeep to worry about. Also, whenever I've gotten my hair permed, it's limited the amount of things I can do like exercising, messing around with my husband and just doing anything that leads to sweating. Do you know what it smells like to have had a perm done and then sweat it out? It smells like rotten eggs. Yep, you read right, rotten eggs. That being said, can you blame me for wanting to use any method possible to avoid having to do that? The process I've been do for a couple of years now if braiding, letting my hair rest (perming) then rebraiding. I am at the point though where I will be wanting to go natural and be completely chemical free.

I guess that other thing that trips me out is how intrigued some people are with the concept of braids. It always makes me laugh when someone asks to touch my hair. It's like they've never seen hair like that before. Then comes the question of is it all my real hair and I have no problem sharing the information. After all, I believe that the only way people can become educated about things is if someone teaches them and so if it has to be me, why not?

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