R.I.P. Helen Lee (1951-2008)

A co-worker of mine, Helen Lee, passed away this week at the age of 56. She was a wonderful person as well as an exceptional librarian. I have had opportunity to work with her daughter Annie and you couldn't have known two nicer people.Annie loved her mother dearly and Helen loved Annie equally which was always demonstrated when you saw them together.

When I heard that Helen was running in the Cotton Row Marathon, it inspired me to take up running. Although I'm not a competitive runner, knowing that at age 50+ she was athletic and active made me want to get active too. All of my memories of Helen are of how strong she was, whether it was shown through running the Madison Public Library or in how loyal she was to her family and friends.

Helen, you will definitely be missed and God Bless you.

Here's a haiku im memory of Helen:

Helen, you will be missed
Your strength and poise was superb
It was an honor


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