Friday, January 25, 2008

Was it something I said?

This semester, I'm taking my usual combination of one online class and one class in Gadsden. One the first night of the online class, each student says where they're from, where they work, etc. and the proceeds as usual. Pretty much the only way you'll meet someone from your online class in person is if you have a group project and live in the same area. That being said, imagine my surprise when I came into work and was told that one of my online classmates had called and was coming to look for information as well as meet me. I was both surprise and excited about the idea of meeting an online classmate in person.

The next day, the classmate arrives at the library and we meet and talk for a while. She is worried because we have to projects, one dealing with reading five books in a particular genre (I got chick lit) and doing three booktalks and the second project deals with a service offered to Adults in the public library (I got Reader's Advisory). She was given historical fiction and Reference to work with and was having no luck finding books in her genre or on her service. She then asked me how far I was in the program and I told her (second semester, taking my third and fourth classes) and if I work full-time or part-time (full-time). After I looked up some books that seemed to interest her, (she only wanted books from the main library not sent from branches since she lives far away), we said good-bye and said we'd see each other Thursday night online in class.

Last night, my teacher told the class that the classmate I had spoken to decided to drop the class and wait until next semester to start the MLIS program. I feel so awful. Although I remember a student saying that this was their first semester and class, I had no idea it was her. I'm sure she felt overwhelmed by all the stuff the teacher wanted from us.

Den said that the answers I gave her made it seem like I'm the shit, I’m on top of things, and that's what scared her away. I don't care...I don't like feeling as if I'm the direct cause of someone postponing their graduate school career. Then again, if an 18-20 page paper and booktalks made her head for the hills, maybe she should reevaluate whether or not this is something she really wants to do.

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