Tuesday, February 19, 2008

What's the deal pickle?

This past weekend, a friend of mine asked to borrow money to get her car fixed. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to let her have it. It was just really bad timing being in that we'd just paid our bills and Den had planned a suprise valentine's day trip to the beach.At any rate, now I feel like I'm getting the cold shoulder from her and she's not talking to me at all.I understand that she may have a lot on her mind and all but the fact of the matter is that by not talking to me, this implies that something is wrong whether is it or not.

I really respect her and value our friendship and Ican't believe that something as not lendingher money would lead to her shutting me out. I've lent her money before, I just couldn't do it this time-I've said I'm sorry.I don't know....maybe I'm just being paranoid,but I don't think so.

I just feel like once again, I'm not being treated like an adult and by not talking to me and not saying why is just childish. The worst part about it is that she knows I'd give her the money if I had it-hell-she's the only person I would lend money too because she's good for paying me back on time. Even my mom doesn't always pay me back when I loan her money.

Of well....I'll just wait and see how this plays itself out.

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