Monday, March 31, 2008

March in like a lion,out like a lamb-yeah right

There is a lot on my mind right now and I'm trying to sort everything out. In the last two days, I've gotten family news which leaves me both questionable about the futures of certain people as well as irritated that as usual, families members view me as the strongest person to confide in about what is going on.

I feel confused because I've never viewed myself as someone to confide in, I just try to be a good listener and not be judgemental. I think that may be the reason why family memebers come to me with their secrets and burdens-they know that I wouldn't share what they say with anyone and I'm not going to judge them for their behavior.

The pattern in my family is that they talk about situations to other members, never directy to the person themselves.Then after the situation has occured, they (family members) come out of the woodwork saying what the peron should have done and pretty much condemming them for their actions.

My whole thing is who am you to judge you? Last time I checked, no one's perfect and I feel that it's wrong to judge someone else when you've done some things in the past you're not proud of either.

Hopefully things will work themselves out, they always do. I'm just grateful I'm able to vent without hurting any feelings.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Staff development day or the most wonderful day of the year

This past Wednesday at work, the library was closed in honor of Staff Development Day. On this day, the library is closed and everyone from main library and library branches gather to take training classes and mingle. This year, our theme was "simply the best" which is a direct steal from Tina Turner. As you can imagine, the entire day anytime anyone said anything, it was ended with "simply the best." The thing that sucks about it is that we have to dress in work and we have to be there from 8:30-5. I do like that we get an hour plus for lunch and some of the classes are interesting.

If you ever wanted to know what librarians do when the library is closed and they need a laugh, check out this remake of "simply the best" done by some co-workers at staff development day.
Click here to watch the video

In addition to the training classes, we got to listen to a motivational speaker and then the day ended with service awards for those who have worked at the library for 5, 10,15,20, and 30 years as well as door prizes and drawing for employee of the year. I'll be up for my 10 year certificate next year (WOO HOO!). All in all, it was fun and if nothing else, it was a day without the hassle of dealing with crazy patrons.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Chippendales come to Huntsvegas (or another goal checked off my list)

When my friend K invited me to go to a Chippendales show, I was excited. Although I'd never been to a show before, I had seen it on TV and heard that it was alot of fun. At any rate, last night, me, K, Deb, and K's friends from work went to a local club to see the Chippendales. All I can say is that if I ever go to a show again, I will pay more money for better seats.

Since K's friend reserved a table, when we got there, we were able to go right in and sit down. It was only then that I noticed that we were actually sitting in the very back of the club. There was a VIP section and then a ground section and after that us. Needless to say, when the guys came out, we got to see them dance but when they hit the floor, we couldn't see because all the girls in the front were standing up. How crappy is that? It's like you paid to go to a sold out concert and you end up in seats that only let you see that artist from behind.What the hell!

Besides that, I had a good time. I was shocked at how uninhibited the women and the dancers were. The guys were grabbing boobs and slapping butts and the women were grinding all over the guys. I really did like when the guys came out into the audience to dance with everybody. If you gave them a dollar, they'd dance with you. I'm sure my friend manange to get at least one incriminating photo of me.

I always wondered how the Chippendales made money and now I know how they do it. After you pay your money for your ticket, they ask if you want to pay a dollar to enter a raffle where you'll win a bag of Chippendales stuff. I know a dollar isn't really much is it? After that, they bring out six chairs and have "hot seat dances" (at least 6 times) where for ten dollars, you can go on stage and have a Chippendale dance on you for a couple of mintues. Then after the show is over, for ten dollars, you can get a polaroid taken with the Chippendales. All that adds up to be alot and that's not even adding in alcohol.

The experience overall was fun and if nothing else, eye opening. While it was fun to go see the Chippendales (boy were they hot!), being there reminded me of why I don't like going to clubs: the club was smoky, the music and girls screaming was too loud, and everything cost too much. Although I thought that I wouldn't act like all of the other girls, in the end, I did wind up screaming just as loud as everyone else.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Yay and boo

I turned in my massive public services paper for my LS 523 class. I'm really happy I managed to write 21 pages and have it make sense. One assignment down, three more to go.

I got a positive comment letter from a patron I helped the other day. She had a stroke and her left side was paralyzed so I helped her find what she was looking for on the virtual library and she was happy. That really made my day.

UA's summer class schedule for SLIS students are looking kinda sucky. I really hope they add more online and Gadsden classes. With gas going up by the hour,I really can't afford to have to drive down to Tuscaloosa.

My braider/hair stylist is moving to Texas at the end of the month. True she does a fabulous job on my hair but I'm trying to decide if she's willing to travel for.

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