Friday, March 14, 2008

Staff development day or the most wonderful day of the year

This past Wednesday at work, the library was closed in honor of Staff Development Day. On this day, the library is closed and everyone from main library and library branches gather to take training classes and mingle. This year, our theme was "simply the best" which is a direct steal from Tina Turner. As you can imagine, the entire day anytime anyone said anything, it was ended with "simply the best." The thing that sucks about it is that we have to dress in work and we have to be there from 8:30-5. I do like that we get an hour plus for lunch and some of the classes are interesting.

If you ever wanted to know what librarians do when the library is closed and they need a laugh, check out this remake of "simply the best" done by some co-workers at staff development day.
Click here to watch the video

In addition to the training classes, we got to listen to a motivational speaker and then the day ended with service awards for those who have worked at the library for 5, 10,15,20, and 30 years as well as door prizes and drawing for employee of the year. I'll be up for my 10 year certificate next year (WOO HOO!). All in all, it was fun and if nothing else, it was a day without the hassle of dealing with crazy patrons.

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