Friday, March 7, 2008

Yay and boo

I turned in my massive public services paper for my LS 523 class. I'm really happy I managed to write 21 pages and have it make sense. One assignment down, three more to go.

I got a positive comment letter from a patron I helped the other day. She had a stroke and her left side was paralyzed so I helped her find what she was looking for on the virtual library and she was happy. That really made my day.

UA's summer class schedule for SLIS students are looking kinda sucky. I really hope they add more online and Gadsden classes. With gas going up by the hour,I really can't afford to have to drive down to Tuscaloosa.

My braider/hair stylist is moving to Texas at the end of the month. True she does a fabulous job on my hair but I'm trying to decide if she's willing to travel for.

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