Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Birthday Thoughts

So today's my birthday (I'm 29) and I decided to celebrate it in the best way I know how, by going to places and taking advantage of free stuff. Did you know if you sign up for Red Robin's and Coldstone's e-mail, they'll send you a free coupon for a burger and an ice cream on your birthday? I know that it's not much but hey, with gas prices and everything else going up daily, it's the little things that make life worhwhile. I also received a card in the mail from my aunt and uncle yesterday. It's always nice when people care enough to see a birthday card and wish you a happy birthday.

Mom said she's sending a card but apologized for not enclosing money. She's such a silly lady. I told her I could care less if there's money in the card, it's the thought that counts. Den is coming home from work early today so I wonder what he ha planned. All in all, it's been a good day so far. I took the day off so I coul enjoy my birthday and have time to reflect on my life and the future. I feel very lucky and blessed to be alive, especially considering how many people have been dying lately. One of my cousins (Marvin Stone) passed away last week and the fact that he died so young (26) really makes you realize how important life is.

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