Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Sucky Memorial Day Weekend

So, we decided to go to Savannah for Memorial Day weekend and it really sucked. I'm a fan of Paula Dean and was really looking forward to going to her main "Lady and Sons" restaurant in Savannah. Unfortunately, Paula Dean's restaraunt was not what I expected at all (it was really crapy looking on the outside) and we didn't get to eat there because they fry everything in peanut oil so I didn't want to chance Den getting sick. We then went to the Savannah Candy Kitchen and got some salt water taffy, fudge and other stuff. It was a cute shop and we also had a chance to watch taffy being made which was cool to see.Historic Savannah made me feel like we were in New Orleans before Katrina came. All the old historic buildings had been gutted and replaced with cramped businesses which is so not good if you're clastrophic.

We then went to Tybee Island to go to the beach but there was no where not park at all. We did find a cool old fort (Fort Pulaski) to visit and that was fun. At the fort, we also watched a musket firing which was interesting as well. We then went to Hilton Head Island and had the same problem with parking. It seems like everything there is resort or residental parking and everything's too close together. We then took a detour and ended up at this private gated community called Seven Pines where everyone rode around on bikes. It was nice and they had this really great three cheese painni and we also were able to see some bigger yachts as they entered they harbor.

Lastly, we also went to Chattanooga and went to Mellow Mushroom which was fun as usual. The visit there was pretty uneventful except that there was a big downpour of rain which had Den slightly worried for a minute. After the rain passed, we were on our way home.

Overall, I think we had such a sucky time because we went during a holiday so if we go again, it'll definitely be on a non-hoilday.

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