Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The times, they are a changing

Dad stopped by the job today to deliver info. for the first ever family reunion on his side. It's weird how that worked out considering that I've been planning to call him for sometime now but haven't had a chance to but when I finally did, he said he was pulling into the library parking lot since he was returning from a doctor's appointment.

I feel bad I'm not gonna get to go to the reunion because I'm working that weekend. He also told me he's getting a divorce from his wife to which I don't really know what my reaction was supposed to be. I asked if he was sad. He said no, so I said congrats instead. I asked if he was planning on staying here after the divorce and he said he thinks he will. I told him he should. I hope he understands what I meant by that.....that I want him to stay....I've just started to want to get to know him and it would really suck if he moved away.

In reference to school, classes are over and I am waiting with baited breath for my grades. I am positive I got an A in my onlne class but my other class I'm not so sure about. I made a undergrad mistake on the first assignment and instead of turning in 20 article reviews, I turned in 15. I read all 20 and didn't turn in the reviews for the 5 required readings. How dumb was that? At any rate, I got a C for the assignment and then I turned in my term paper and am praying that the teacher will have mercy on me and at least B because I need a B average to be upgrade to regular grad student status.

Work wise, we should be finding out who the new director will be soon although I'm 99.9% sure it's someone aready working at the library. I really hate the politics at my job sometimes-it seems like it's not what you know anymore but who you know and who you've helped that determines your future here.I realize there's politics everywhere but I'm just sick of the gossiping, the two faced behavior, and conversations had behind closed doors.

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