Monday, July 7, 2008

Tough times hit everyone

Saturday night, we were having problems with over internet modem and Den had called a service technician to come to the home to fix the problem. When we woke up Sunday morning, the modem was working fine so Den called and cancels the technician. Me and Den were enjoying a nice evening at home yesterday when we heard someone pounding on the front door. Although we initially ignored the pounding at first, Den eventually stopped what he was doing and answered the door. He was still thinking that the cable company may have sent out the service technician anyway but when he opened the door, a man (late teens-early twenties) was standing on the bottom of the front steps with a lawn mower in hand.

"Excuse sir, could I please mow your lawn. My dad's birthday's today and I need more for a gift." Considering that we too are currently strapped for cash, Den turned him down. "Okay, well can you at least donate a few dollars for a gift?" Den again turned him down. In the end, the man ended up leaving our yard with any money. It really saddened me that times have gotten so tough that people have to beg for a chance to do work in order to get money. Me and Den were also discussing the shape this country is going to be in after everything is over.

Currently, the prices for everything is increasing except for the amount of pay that people are receiving. When you go grocery shopping now, you're still paying the same price (if not more) and are getting less for your money. In addition, the only foods out there that are cheap are junk food and completely unhealthy so you're left with the choice of eat healthy and be broke or eat junk and have money. Most are choosing the later and are going to suffer for it in the long run. Even today my heart broke when the front of the local newspaper stated the cholesterol drugs can now be prescribed for children as young as 8. Eight years old and on cholesterol drugs! What the hell is wrong with our world when childhood obesity has become so out of control that this is the only course of action?

Not to be mean but I feel like all junk food should be removed from the grocery stores or at least have a warning label telling shoppers what years of greasy pizza and ice cream (two of my favorites) and hamburgers will do to your heart, body and self-esteem. While some food maker and restaurants have made a positive step by listing their nutritional information of their packaging, in the end I personally feel that the only way that people will start to truly change their lives is through making consequences personal for them. Sure it's good to know how many calories are in a big mac but I'd be less likely to eat it if I know that it'll take an hour to burn of the calories.

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