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A little note for my reader

I regularly check my blog to see how many people are reading this and latey, the nunmbers of readers have shot up dramaticaIly. I am both flattered by this increase in readership but also puzzled as to why so many are interested in what I have to say. I suppose what isn't interesting to you is interesting to some. At any rate, I just wanted to say thanks to anyone who's been reading my blog, have sent me a comment or have stopped by to just read a post.

A very interesting article on the homeless

While at Tellini's the other day with Den getting dinner, I picked up the Valley Planet which is a free local arts newpaper here in town. I read an article in the latest issue that was so great, I'd thought I'd post it here. Keep in mind I didn't write this, I'm just reprinting the article as it was in the Valley Planet.

Hope you like it:

Disclaimer: First, I want to make it absolutely clear: I am NOT writing about H., Alabama. I am NOT writing about the H. mayor. I am only writing about the crassness of SOME town or towns in this nation and how they treat the poor and homeless.

Jesus was a HOMELESS MAN.

He hung out with HOMELESS people.

The prostitutes, like Mary Magdalene. The lepers or untouchables or incurables, the unrehabilitated, the

lost souls. The unliked, the tax collectors. The

dregs of human society at that time.

Reminds me of those today with A.I.D.S. who have been kicked out of hospitals because their insurance ran out, or they never had insur…

Summer school blues and a haiku

In my continuing quest to finish grad school by summer of next year, I signed myself up for two classes for the first summer session. These two classes are extra fun because I'm taking them two days a week (Tues. and Thurs.) one is in Tuscaloosa in the mornings and one is online at night and they're both lasting one month.

Some of my classmates think I'm crazy for doing all this while working a full-time job, but you got to do what you have to do to get what you want in life. So far, I feel I'm keeping up with my assignments. I kind of feel like I have to overachieve and wow my classmates since I work in a library reference department and this is a reference resources class. Oh well, I'm just gonna keep on keeping on.All I have to do is keep juggling assignments and readings for the month of June to make it to the end of the semester and our annual vacation in July.

Here's a Haiku to reflect me feelings towards my current situation:
Two classes one month