Monday, March 31, 2008

March in like a lion,out like a lamb-yeah right

There is a lot on my mind right now and I'm trying to sort everything out. In the last two days, I've gotten family news which leaves me both questionable about the futures of certain people as well as irritated that as usual, families members view me as the strongest person to confide in about what is going on.

I feel confused because I've never viewed myself as someone to confide in, I just try to be a good listener and not be judgemental. I think that may be the reason why family memebers come to me with their secrets and burdens-they know that I wouldn't share what they say with anyone and I'm not going to judge them for their behavior.

The pattern in my family is that they talk about situations to other members, never directy to the person themselves.Then after the situation has occured, they (family members) come out of the woodwork saying what the peron should have done and pretty much condemming them for their actions.

My whole thing is who am you to judge you? Last time I checked, no one's perfect and I feel that it's wrong to judge someone else when you've done some things in the past you're not proud of either.

Hopefully things will work themselves out, they always do. I'm just grateful I'm able to vent without hurting any feelings.

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