Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Life goes on and my first poem in two years

So, it's been a while but I'm back. Got my Masters degree and now I work at the local library as the Web Services Librarian. The new job is lots of fun and I'm talking to more groups of people than I ever have before; I even had the opportunity to present at the annual Alabama Library Association (ALLA) convention that took place in Huntsville last week.

In other news, Mom is displaced due to a kitchen fire at the house. She's currently staying with Martha and hopes to be back in the house soon but there's some outside drama going on so we'll see. I've also been losing weight and I am now do to 224 from my highest weight of 298 (woo hoo!) My goal weight is 170 and at this rate, I'm confident I'll go there soon.

The Limestone Dust Poety Festival is happening this weeked and although I usually don't go to those sort of things, something is urging me to go....to not only go but to read a poem during open mic time. I dunno...I wrote this poem yesterday to express how I've been feeling lately and Den liked it;he said it was deep.Maybe it is time for me to start writing again, I just wonder if I've still got the creativity to do so.

No without any further ado, here's my poem:

Middle Class Poor

My mama always said
“go to school,”
“get an education”
“get an degree”
“get a good job-a good life.”
Always believed if you play by the rules, life would be fair; everything would fall into place.
Didn’t know that the rules were made to be broken
unspoken deals made between unknown forces.
The game is the same but the world has changed:
got an education,
got student loans,
got a degree,
got no job,
got no job,
I get got I got no shot
I got no shot
I got to get out
Out of time
Out of money
Out of home
Home is where the heart is
Is this all there is
Is minimum the new maximum?

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