Sunday, August 1, 2010

I've been a bad, bad blogger

I'm sorry I haven't written in such a long time, we've been extremely busy traveling and trying to get settled in after having moved to California. Travelwise, we left from drove from Huntsville, Alabama to Bakersfield, then from Bakersfield to Columbia, South Carolina for my mother in laws family reunion then me and Den took a trip from Columbia to Huntsville and Huntsville to Wahsington, D.C. then returned back to Huntsville and finally drove back to Bakersfield. The next week, we went on our yearly trip to Adventist Campmeeting in Soquel, California. It was fun but tiring considering we hadn't really had time to relax after our cross country trip.

Now that all my traveling's over (unless it's for a job interview), I have time to clean up our new digs. It's proving to be an uphill battle but I know with persistent, I can succeed. I am also happy that the 29th will be my veganversay;I can't believe I've been vegan for a whole year-it's been rocky but completely worth it! I did partake of some extremely delicious foods during my travels so try not drool too much on your computer while looking at the photos:-) I'll post some more photos later.
Cupcakes- Sticky Fingers Bakery, Washington, D.C.

BBQ Tofu-RP Tracks, Memphis, Tennessee
Vegan veggie pizza- Whole Foods, Atlanta, Georgia

Greek Tofu Scramble-Dharama's Restuarant, Capitola, California

Celebrating 12 years of marriage!

It seems like only yesterday that my and my hubby got marriage, not twelve years ago. This past Sunday, we celebrated 12 years of marriage ...