Thursday, April 14, 2011

Vegnews and photo controversy

Sorry I have haven't written in a while but after reading Quarrygirl's and Babe in Soyland's responses to the fact the Vegnews magazine has been using non vegan stock photos and photoshopping them to make them appear vegan, I've decided to add my own opinion in regards to this upsetting development. Keep in mind that what follows is my opinion only so you can feel free to agree to disagree with me.Although I'm sad that Vegnews has been using stock photos made with non vegan ingredients, I'm still going to support the magazine because it is the only vegan periodical out there. While I've read Vegetarian Times in the past, it seemed boring ,clinical and serious Vegnews is a more fun and informative read. People should realize that anytime you see a photo in a magazine, it's highly likely that it has been altered in some way. I think Vegnews can save face and regain some dignity by hiring vegan photographers and apologizing for their error. I love reading the magazine and hope that they can fix this issue in a timely manner before they lose anymore online and print subscribers.

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