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Happy Vegan Pizza Day!

I know it's been forever since I've posted, life's gotten a little crazy but now I'm back to write about celebrating the first annual vegan pizza day. This holiday was created by fellow vegan blogger Quarrygirl and Chicago Soy Dairy and I was totally excited be able to celebrate eating vegan pizza. Yesterday me and my hubby celebrated by going to some place new for vegan pizza in Valencia. While we usually go to Whole Foods for my vegan pizza fix, I had heard great things about Tomato Joe's so we decided to celebrate vegan pizza day there.Although I've never tried the brand of vegan cheese they use (follow your heart), I was excited to try something new and hoped that Tomato Joe's wouldn't disappoint.

Once we got there, we decided to order the Sally's Secret Garden pizza with artichoke hearts instead of green peppers, added veggie chicken and had it on the beer battered crust. Here's a photo of this pizza perfection!

Oh my gawd I can't tell …