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Vegan Restaurant Review: Evolution Fast Food-San Diego, California

This past Friday, me and Dennis (my husband) decided to take a trip to San Diego. After checking the app on my cellphone and seeing what vegan restaurants were there, we decided to go to Evolution Fast Food.    

 While we were there, they set out this tray of green goddess pasta salad which was pretty tasty.

Den ordered himself some vegan "chili" cheese fries. These fries were topped with vegan chili and mozzarella dayia cheese.The fries were the perfect blend of spicy (due to the chili) and melty (due to the cheese). I could tell that Den loved them too because as he was eating them, he was humming a happy song.

I ordered the mushroom swiss burger which contained an amy's vegan burger, veganaise, tons of button mushrooms, dayia cheese, lettuce and tomato.As I bit into the burger, I could taste a variety of different textures combining together;the crunch of the veggie burger along with the smoothness of the mushrooms. I also liked that while the…

Becoming a Vegan Food Critic

Me and Den were talking today about my future and what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. Although I am currently working at a community college in the library, I'm not sure if this is what I can really see myself doing for the next thrity or so years. I asked Den said what is something I excel at, something I do better than anyone else and his response was simple: be a vegan food critic. While initally I was hesistant considering that there's not a large amount of people professing to be professional vegan food critcs; I realized that he did have a valid point. We do travel alot and  have had the opportunity to eat at various wonderful vegan restaurants as well as the fact that I have a background in Enlgish and grammar so this so help with my reviews as well.  I look forward to any comments you have regarding my reviews and happy reading and happy eating!