Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Happy Veggie Restaurant Review

I've been wanting to eat at Happy Veggie in Redondo Beach for a while and was really happy when Den surprised me with going to dinner there last week. Although the parking was a little tricky, we still had an awesome time there.

We began our dinner by have vegan drunsticks as an appetizer. These drumsticks were served with a teriyaki sauce and a pickled salad. The drumsticks were perfectly cooked, really chewy and the stick used as a bone was a nice touch.

For dinner, I chose the Szechwan Chicken Strips which consisted of onions, broccoli and ginger layered with soy chicken strips.
After much thought, Den decided to have the vegan pan fried noodles which had soy chicken with stir fried vegetables, tofu and onion served on a crust of pan-fried rice noodles.

The food was delicious and the staff was nice and informative. We're definitely going to go back again!

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