Saturday, March 24, 2012

Vegan Creme Eggs = yum

As a kid, I used to love Easter for two reasons: first I was guaranteed to get a new Easter dress and shoes and second, I would get a bag filled with tons of Easter candy. Although I loved the jelly beans and other candies, my favorite East treat was the Cadbury Creme Egg which definitely became a no go after I became vegan. Imagine my surprise when I was just goofing around online and saw that I could get a vegan creme egg (similar to Cadbury) from various places online-I definitely had to try one of these out. I got in touch with Queenbalch who makes Vegan Creme Eggs in Oregon and two weeks later, the vegan creme eggs were mine. I really enjoyed them;they were just like I remember the Cadbury ones tasting and I can't wait to order some more in the future. Below are some pics of what they looked like.

Vegan Creme Egg from Queenbalch
Wrapped vegan creme egg

Admiring the flower design 

Love at first bite

Halfway there

The last tasy bite

Happy early Easter!

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