Saturday, November 23, 2013

Celebrating vegan Halloween in LA & 13 in 2013 is complete!

Den and I celebrated Halloween this year by by going to a meetup given by Vegans of Instagram at Sage Organic Bistro. I went as a vegan vampire and Den went as a T-Pain (a rapper). The party was fun, we met a lot of cool people and will definitely go to Sage again in the future. Below are photos from before and at the party.
Den & Me before another Halloween Party

The Queen of Kale & The vegan vampire

The vegan police with T-Pain

T-Pain with the Queen of Kale 

I just recently completed my last two running events for 2013 which means I completed 13 events in 2013! Below are photos from the last two events I completed for the year, the Sugarland Candy Rush Run and Top Gun Virtual Run. I can't wait for next year to complete 14 in 2014.

Me after Candyland Sugar Rush 5K Virtual Run

Me after Top Gun 10K Virtual Run

Monday, August 19, 2013

13 in 2013 update

It's been so long since I've blogged, I'm feeling a little rusty (ha ha); but like most things once you learn to do something, you'll always remember how to do things. In my attempt to do 13 running events in 2013, I'm happy to report that I've accomplished six more events since I last wrote in May (which brings my total to 11) and here's pics of the medals below:

Medal #6-Peace Love Run
Medal #7-Cinco de Mayo Virtual 5K

Medal #8-Wahoo's OC 5K

Medal #9-Spring Bling Virtual 5K

Medal #10-Costume Party Run

        Medal#11-Hangover Run Virtual 10k

I have two more virtual races for the end of the year so I'm really excited about completing this goal and my main goal for next year is doing enough races to be able to join the half-marathon fanatics as well as running some races in the Roll and Rock running series.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

More medals for and job news

In my quest for completing 13 running events in 2013, I have so far finished four events with nine more to go! In April, I plan on doing two events, the Hollywood Half Marathon and the 1st ever Peace Love Run in San Diego. May will be two virtual runs, one for Cinco De Mayo and one for Spring Bling. I am so grateful that I have the chance to be active and what can I say, I love getting medals too :-) Below are photos from my last four running events.
BGR Friends and me at (medal 2)

Medal 3 for Coronado VDay 10K

Photo Den took of me during Coronado VDay 10K

Den after Knott's Berry Farm Roller Coaster 5K (his first medal!)

Me wirh Knott's Berry Farm 5K medal (medal 4)

In other news, I was recently hired by the Kern County Library District as their digital librarian! I am super excited to be able to start my career as a librarian but I am sad to be leaving El Camino after two years. Here's photos from my going away party and photos with some of my employees.

Staff going away party for me

I'm really excited about all of the changes that are taking place in my life and will do what I can to make everyone proud of me while staying true to myself.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Goals for 2013 and the first annual Vegan Health & Fitness Expo (day 1)

Happy 2013! For the new year, I've decided to make my main goal for the year to complete 13 running events in 2013. So far I've already completed my first running event on New Year's Day and already have 12 more races lined up of various lengths (5K, 6K,10K and 13.1 races).
Me with my first medal of 2013

This weekend,  me and Dennis went to the first annual Vegan Health & Fitness Expo hosted by Vegan Health & Fitness Magazine at the Radisson at LAX. It was really fun and informative and the food was awesome.
Entering the Vegan Health and Fitness Expo
Program from the Vegan Health and Fitness Expo

Me and vegan stuntwoman Spice Williams-Crosby
Spice's presentation was very informative and fun. Spice talked about her life as well as her journey to veganism and food combining.

John Lewis aka The BadAssVegan and me
Celebrity vegan bodybuilder Robert Cheeke and me

Philly steak wrap with mac and cheeze and jambalya
Inside the vegan philly steak wrap from Southern Fried Vegan

A balanced vegan diet of veggies and vegan junk food

The Happycow from and me

Koya Webb and me at the Expo
Koya Webb and I have become friends after having run into each other at some many different vegan events. At her presentation, she talked about her upbringing as well as having a healthy vegan life and end the presentation with a exercise demonstration that was so easy, anyone can do it. Koya is a real sweetheart and is very down to earth.

We had a great time at the vegan health and fitness expo and Dennis was surprised by how friendly and non-judgmental everyone was. When Dennis has gone to vegan events with me in the past, he's felt like some people have tried to forced veganism on him. At the expo, Dennis felt welcomed and at ease which made me very happy. Although we were initially only planning to only go on Saturday, we heard that John Salley is going to be there tonight so we're going to head back on Sunday.

After a full day at the Vegan Health and Fitness Expo, we stopped by Viva La Vegan and grabbed some dinner from Vegan by Joy. This BBQ Sandwich she made was fabulous and she has buffets at the store at least once or twice a month.
Vegan BBQ Sandwich by Vegan with Joy

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