Saturday, May 24, 2014

The tale of the Tofurkey Pockets aka vegan hot pockets

I recently had the pleasure of getting my hands on all three varieties of the Tofurky Pockets or as I like to call them, vegan hot pockets. In my pregan days (pre-vegan) days, I used to tear up Hot Pockets like it was nobody's business. When I wanted to lose weight, I started eating Lean Pockets instead and I think my biggest draw to both the Hot and Lean Pockets were that they were easy to make (microwave it for a minute or two and done) and they kept me satisfied until my next meal. Fast forward to 2014 and low and behold, Tofurky creates Tofurky Pockets and of course I had to try them to see how the vegan version measured up to my Hot/Lean Pocket memories.

Me and my hubby went to the new Viva La Vegan store in Santa Monica and I was super excited that the store carried all three of the Tofurky Pocket varieties. How excited was I? I was so excited that I had hubby take a pic of me holding my all three boxes (don't judge me ha ha ;-)

 The first Tofurky Pocket I tried was the pepperoni pizza which my favorite out of the three. It most reminded me of the original version because Tofurky really nailed the spiciness of the pepperoni and the consistency of the cheeze. It was spicy, melty and oh so tasty!

The next Tofurkey Pocket I tried was the broccoli cheddar and it was okay but not as good as the pepperoni pizza. I did like the cheesiness of the pocket but felt that the amount of broccoli was lacking.

The last of the Tofurky Pockets I tried was the BBQ Chick'N which was my least favorite and most disappointing. I liked the idea of BBQ Chick'N in a pocket crust but without vegan cheese, it's just blah. The BBQ sauce was really tasty but other than that, the BBQ Chick'N was uneventful.

Overall, I've really happy that Tofurky has provided yet another delicious way to enjoy meat free meal in a convenient way. I'll definitely be picking up some more pepperoni pizza Tofurky Pockets in the future.

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