Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Vegas vegan donut face off!

I love vegan sweets and Las Vegas and to get my vegan donut fix, I usually go to Ronlad's Donuts. Recenlty I heard that there's a new Vegas vegan donut shop called O-Face Donuts and as such, I had to go see what the fuss was about.

Upon arriving at O-Face Donuts, I was a little annoyed by the parking meters and my lack of getting them to work correctly. After finding a free parking lot nearby, I went into the Donut Shop to see what vegan donuts they had to offer. Below is a photo of the vegan donuts available that day which were a total of seven. I decided to pick two donuts, one traditional and one original which are shown below.

Donuts at O-Face Donuts

O-Face chocolate glazed donut with sprinkles and mixed berry tart donut

Overall, I wasn't really impressed by O-Face's vegan donuts. The chocolate glazed donut wasn't as  chocolately  as I would have liked, it actually tasted kinds waxy to me. I let my hubby have a bite and he agreed with my assessment.

The mixed berry tart look lovely but again, the intensity of flavor was missing (at least to me). Although I was light and airy, I didn't really taste that much berry flavor.

Ronald's Cream filled donut and apple fritter
When it comes to Ronald's what make it the go to spot for vegan donuts is their large selection of vegan donuts, their free parking and friendly owners. I love that they open early in the morning and always have more than a dozen vegan donuts offered everyday. The only small annoyance is that they take cash only but this is a small price to pay for such yummy vegan goodness.

While it is great to have another place for Vegas vegans to get their donut fix (including Whole Foods),due to the increased selection, I declare Ronald's the winner of the Vegas vegan donut battle.

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