My Bucket List

After reading various blogs, I decided to write up my very own bucket list. This is a list of personal goals, travel goals, and other goals that I would like accomplish someday. My list is constantly growing and ever changing and is in no particular order. Things that I have completed already will be in bold.

  1. Own a house
  2. Lead a song in a church choir
  3. See a Chippendales show
  4. Get a Masters degree
  5. Run in a marathon
  6. Plant a tree
  7. Write a book or article for a major publication
  8. Drive across every U.S. State
  9. Take a cross country trip
  10. Learn to swim
  11. Swim in the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean
  12. Pay for a stranger's groceries
  13. Climb a large mountain
  14. Have a job I enjoy going to everyday
  15. Spend a whole week in silence (did a weekend silent retreat but would like to try for a week)
  16. Speak in front of a large crowd
  17. Be a contestant on a game show
  18. Win an award
  19. Jump off of a waterfall
  20. Learn to surf
  21. Bungee jump
  22. Visit the Effiel Tower in Paris, France
  23. Get a passport &ahave it stamped
  24. Wear a bikini
  25. Attend a vegetarian/vegan festival 
  26. Learn to salsa or tango
  27. Learn a new language
  28. Try vegetarian, vegan, and raw vegan diets
  29. Go snorkeling
  30. Visit a volcano
  31. Fly first class
  32. Fly in a helicopter
  33. Ride a rollercoaster
  34. Learn sign language
  35. Go to a costume party dressed as a fantasy character
  36. See the Mona Lisa at the Louvre Museum
  37. See the Sistine Chapel in Italy
  38. Make a difference in someone's life
  39. Go on a cruise
  40. Tell my parents (and siblings) that I love them
  41. Read a book on a subject I've never thought of reading about
  42. Fall in love
  43. Be in love
  44. Watch a sunrise
  45. Watch a sunset
  46. See the Northern Lights
  47. Learn to knit
  48. Learn to play a musical instrument
  49. Be debt free
  50. Learn how to cook
  51. Be in a march/parade
  52. Pray daily
  53. Earn a Bachelor's degree
  54. Take a cooking class
  55. Get pampered at a spa
  56. Read the entire Bible
  57. Make exercise a regular habit
  58. Celebrate New Years in Times Square
  59. Go to Disneyland in California
  60. Visit the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C.
  61. Ride in a limousine
  62. Go to the Hollywood Walk of Fame
  63. Ride on a metrotrain
  64. Visit the Great Wall of China
  65. Visit a Caribbean Island
  66. Visit the pyramids in Egypt
  67. Attend my high school reunion
  68. Learn how to take a compliment well
  69. Learn not to say yes when I mean no
  70. Learn how to drive a stick shift
  71. Go to Hawaii
  72. Donate blood
  73. Go to the Golden Gate Bridge
  74. Attend a movie premiere
  75. Go to New York and see a play on Broadway
  76. Go a month without having or watching television
  77. Visit the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C.
  78. Meet a celebrity and get a photo taken with them
  79. Get a book signed at an autograph session
  80. Go whale watching
  81. Tour the Biltmore Estate in North Carolina
  82. Have a romantic candlelight dinner
  83. Learn to roller skate
  84. Learn to ride a bike
  85. Ride in a convertible with the top down
  86. Go to Las Vegas
  87. Drive along Route 66
  88. Be able to retire comfortably
  89. Relocate to a new town/state
  90. Learn to ice skate
  91. Accept Jesus Christ as my personal savior
  92. Go to Chinatown in San Franciso
  93. Learn to bowl
  94. Go to Seattle Washinton
  95. Go to Portland, Oregon
  96. Go camping
  97. Achieve my ideal weight
  98. Take a gondola ride in Venice, Italy
  99. Go to the beach
  100. Visit a castle in Scotland
  101. Go to London, England
  102. Get a degree in an unrelated academic field
  103. Visit all 50 U.S. States (22/50)
  104. Go to the Grand Canyon
  105. Go to Yosemite National Park
  106. Sleep under the stars
  107. Shake hands with a President
  108. Visit Mt. Rushmore
  109. Visit the Taj Mahal
  110. Write a letter to my future self
  111. Keep a journal
  112. See a meteor shower
  113. Get lost
  114. Get fitted for a bra
  115. Visit Stone Henge
  116. Learn to play chess
  117. Meet Prince (N/A he passed away in 2016 :-(
  118. Have my palm read
  119. Write a will
  120. Visit a winery
  121. Go a month without fast food
  122. Apply to be on a reality TV Show
  123. Go to Africa
  124. Get married
  125. See the Liberty Bell
  126. Visit a wax museum
  127. Ride a cable car in San Francisco
  128. Start a slow clap
  129. Run a mile without stopping
  130. Visit the Atlanta Aquarium
  131. Have a $0 balance on my credit cards
  132. Become an organ donor
  133. Be a bone marrow donor
  134. Learn how to change a tire
  135. Wear a wig in public
  136. Become a better photographer
  137. Go to the Parthenon in Greece
  138. Join the Peace Corps
  139. See the Mayan ruins
  140. Go kayaking
  141. Go ziplining 
  142. Be an expert on a topic
  143. Learn to speak Spanish
  144. Take voice lessons
  145. Learn greetings/please/thank you/question words in Japanese, Chinese, Arabic and German.
  146. Wear my hair natural (no chemicals)
  147. Go to Belgium for fries and chocolate
  148. Go to Mardi Gras in New Orleans
  149. Learn to garden
  150. Go to the Dead Sea 
  151. Learn to hula
  152. Take a mom/daughter trip with my mom
  153. See the Aurora Borealis
  154. Get highlighted in Vegnews Magazine
  155. Participate in an event for charity
  156. Go to Disneyworld
  157. Join a club and stick with it
  158. Ride on a private jet
  159. Stay up all night
  160. Go to a nude beach

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